Sir Zan Centrawoven

Zan joined Dagorhir in June 2001 in Warrensburg, MO under the tutelage of Sir Shadus upon the creation of the Realm of Warriors of the Dawn. In 2004, Warriors of the Dawn was renamed Barad-Dur and eventually left Dagorhir to join another game. Zan, with the counsel of Fozzy, reformed the Dagorhir Realm under the new name of Belandar Vale in 2006, but changed the name again the following year to Centrawoven after the Realm's rising star, Cyodie "Kye" Centrawoven.

Zan reigned as King for a few years, but was succeeded by Cyodie when physical complications demanded he take up less strenuous hobbies. While he no longer maintained the leadership position, he still remained semi-active and was eventually Knighted by King Cyodie.

He was a member of several battle units over the course of his Dagorhir attendance, beginning with the Band of the Hawk that he and Blitz created at the founding of Warriors of the Dawn. Later, he was a member of the Barad-Dur unit The Fighting Irish, and was known for his creative shield cover depicting an intricate four leaf clover. Upon Belandar Vale's return to Dagorhir, he joined the nation-spanning unit the Army of Mordor. At this time, he claims to be the only member of his own unit, Manifest Destiny, even though units require other members to qualify as a unit.

His garb often resembles that of the Order of Knights Hospitaller, with a black wool surcoat and a white cross, and chainmail with the same cross painted black. His leather ringbelt holds the Centrawoven belt flag, pouches, a leather thong-sheath, and a drinking horn with leather belt strap.

His fighting styles have been diverse, ranging from single short sword and using his offhand to parry blows (even though it costs him the hand), to sword-and-board skirmishing, to short spear. He professes never to have been very good at archery.

He currently holds the position of Treasurer for Centrawoven and maintains the Centrawoven Constitution.