The Phoenix Army is a new unit in the realm of Rivendell, in Central Ohio, led by Selidor Redorian. They fight for a cleansed world, shunning the power of the Daedric Lords.


The Phoenix Army fights in burgundy and gold. A majority of the members specialize in sword and shield or dual weapon and the use of shock tactics is not uncommon. The members of the Phoenix Army are so tenacious that many times they will suicidally charge an opposing shield wall in order to stop an opponent.


The Phoenix Army was started in 2009 with only 3 fighters, but has steadily grown into a formidable force. Members would rather die by the sword tan to admit defeat. Almost anyone will be accepted, however, new recruits will be required to prove their fighting prowess, either on the field or by participating in a tournament against all of the current members.


The story of the army takes the Elder Scrolls series and expands upon it, taking place seventy years after the Oblivion Crisis. The Daeric Lords, Molag Bal and Meridia have born a child, Selidor Redorian. As a boy, he was unable to control his darker nature and was hunted and persecuted by the followers of the Nine Divines. He grew to hate the blind faith of the Nine Divines followers and thus began to move against them. He gather followers quickly, gaining power and claiming a city, a base for his ultimate goal: the cleansing of both Man and Mer.


  • Selidor Redorian - Commander
  • Kexlaybed "Kexyl" Sixprit - Lieutenant
  • Daramus of Troy - Lieutenant
  • Strakk Sandusky - Private
  • Paul Sandusky - Private
  • Kiba - Private
  • Jermayan - Private
  • Zan Raptora - Private

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