Introducing the Teutonic Knights.

Introducing the Teutonic Knights..


The Teutonic Knights of Dagorhir AKA The Northern Commandry Teutonic Knights are a unit of Dagorhir BattleGames located in Upstate New York in the realm of Lostwithiel .The Northern Commandry of Teutonic Knights are based on the germanic crusader order that fought in the crusades as well as many other battles in northern europe. Our goal is to find honor on the battl
Teutonic Knights of Dagorhir Winter Crusade II

Teutonic Knights of Dagorhir Winter Crusade II

efield and bring t...he ideals of chivalry to our modern world.

We form as a heavy flanking unit. We fight using heavy cavalry tactics. Far from a wrap pants and flail swinging pansey unit, we are hard hitting warriors equally at home in the line as in high speed flanking manuvers. a hallmark of our style is our ability to transition between the two at a moments notice..

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