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Kurai, Founder and Overlord of The Order Picture by Saulie


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Kurai being Kurai.


Kurai started fighting at Centrawoven in Warrensburg, MO, then called Barad Dur in September of 2004, when he was fourteen. Originally a fencing student at the local university, he grew bored with the extremely structured style and was looking for something more when a fellow student told him about the local Dagorhir realm. He tried it and was hooked. The rest, as they say, is history.

Broseph of Cyodie.

Kurai has been a member of Centrawoven, Alterra, Stykeria, Midgar, Mongoria and Cimmeria.

Affiliated GroupsEdit

The Order


Sol Invictus, an Amtgard company.

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit

Sexier than you, also, Winner of the Single Blue Tournament from Gates of Summer in some such year.