King Sir Cyodie "Kye" Centrawoven, The InhumanEdit

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Mismatched and STILL sexy!


Kye began fighting at the same time as his broseph, Kurai at Centrawoven in 2004. When Kurai moved away, he stayed and somehow got roped into assuming leadership of the realm. The title of King was only supposed to be temporary but it managed to stick, somehow. Kye is a huge advocate of hard hitting and rough fighting. He's always the life of the party and hosts titty contests that are becoming quite famous in the Midwest.

Kye was knighted by King Kurai, though Sir Fozzy dropped the sword.

Affiliated groupsEdit

Army of Mordor

Belted FamilyEdit

Sir Dagmar

Sir Shadus

Sir Zan Centrawoven

Sir Fozzy Centrawoven