Cackspackle is a non-fighting group of goblins exclusively founded by Silly Claus da Goblin in August 2011.

We are all about looking goblin, acting goblin, and causing shenanigans. We have three main goals. First, is to get every goblin to the picture they have of themselves in their head when they first start fighting. Just to be the best and most awesome looking they can be. Second, to cause crazy shenanigans without pissing in anyone's cheerios. Like raiding a camp and stealing all of their sticks. Just small sticks, not firewood. And then acting like we're rich. Or building a mud snowman at a really muddy event, just general shit to make people facepalm. Third to eventually get the "Goblin Games" instated, which is just a bunch of silly games we have listed which we'd have small prizes for, happening at events.

We ascribe to the thought that all colors are created equal, and that as long as we're having a good time nothing else matters.

To get a hold of us, contact Silly on her facebook: